Heber Complex

Our Heber complex is located in Heber, Imperial County, California and, with 92 MW of capacity, is one of the biggest complexes we own and operate.

Since 1985, the Heber 1 power plant has used a dual flash system while the Heber 2 power plant has featured a binary system since 1993. After Ormat acquired the Heber 1 and 2 power plants in 2005, we enhanced and upgraded the capacity of both plants by adding two additions: G1 in 2005 and G2 in 2006 which included a bottoming-cycle OEC and an Ormat Integrated Two Level Unit (ITLU), respectively.

In 2008, we added the Heber South plant which features a binary systems.

The plants sell their electrical output under a long-term power purchase agreements with Southern California Edison and Southern California Public Power Authority.

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