Ormesa Complex

The Ormesa complex is located in East Mesa, Imperial County, California. The Ormesa complex consists of six plants. The various plants commenced commercial operations between 1987 and 1989. The plants utilize binary and flash systems. The Ormesa complex had a generating capacity of 42 MW. The Ormesa complex sells its electrical output to Southern California Edison Company (Southern California Edison) under an amended power purchase agreement, which consolidated the previous power purchase agreements dated June 13, 1984 and July 18, 1984, respectively. The amended power purchase agreement, preserved the material terms of the previous agreements; however, the amended agreement provides for the supply of an additional 10MW of electrical output.

In 2003 Ormesa 1 and Ormesa 2 plants in complex have been replaced with the latest equipment and technology:

  • Raising the power production of the plant
  • Lowering the number of plants in the complex
  • Reducing the amount of resources required for the production and maintenance of the plant
  • Reducing the number of control units needed for the plants
  • Providing simplicity of plant operation 
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