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Over the past five decades, Ormat has pioneered a number of significant advances in the geothermal energy and recovered energy industries, laying the foundation for the rapid and profitable growth that we are experiencing today.  

Ormat's engineers have developed highly original designs for turbines and other geothermal power and recovered energy generation equipment components, which have been optimized through the rigorous application of advanced thermodynamics and fluid dynamics.

Ormat's unique position of being both an independent power producer, as well as a manufacturer of geothermal energy and recovered energy equipment, provides us with a thorough firsthand understanding of customer needs and the ability to develop creative solutions based on field-tested experience.

Today, Ormat has installed over 2200 MW of geothermal and Recovered Energy (REG) power plants worldwide, for its own account and for third-party customers. Ormat products and power systems are installed in more than 75 countries. Ormat  power solutions are designed for:
Geothermal Power Plants 

Ormat, as a geothermal energy company,  is a leader in the development of environmentally benign geothermal power plants that deliver clean, reliable, cost-effective and sustainable electricity. The company’s geothermal power plants produce clean energy with low noise, a low visual profile and nearly 100% fluid injection for minimal impact on the environment.

Ormat’s geothermal binary and combined cycle power plants are flexible, adaptable and efficiently matched to the available geothermal resources, which may encompass high enthalpy, high pressure steam fields; low-enthalpy, water-dominated sources; and resources with temperatures and chemistries that vary over time.
Ormat specializes in one of the most cost-effective ways to develop additional generating capacity and contribute to a plant's energy efficiency, tapping otherwise unused or under-utilized energy, often with environmental benefits. The company's repowering technologies enable power plants to increase output without any additional fuel expense.
Remote Power Units and Other Generators

Ormat designs, manufactures and sells fossil fuel powered turbo-generators with a capacity ranging between 400 watts and 4,000 watts, which operate unattended in remote sites under extreme climate conditions. These units provide power for cathodic protection to avoid oil or gas spillage from pipelines, as well as safety equipment on offshore platforms and along oil and gas pipelines. Customers include contractors installing gas pipelines in remote areas.