A visit to our Olkaria III geothermal power plant in Kenya



 On 21 to 24 March, 2 Ormat customers from Turkey visited OrPower4, Ormat power plant in Hell’s Gate, Kenya.

The customers, Sanko Enerji and Soyak Energy, have each 3 power plant which was designed manufactured and using ORC made by Ormat. For both, first unit started operation during 2018 and to date they operate 3 units at about same capacity of over 25MW ea.

Our Turkish customers approached us with many questions and requests to support on issues related to operation and maintenance practice and procedures. Thus, we have suggested to arrange a seminar on these issues with Ormat experienced O&M team in one of our power plants.

OrPower4, produces 150MW with 5 different stages of the project and configurations agreed to host the group.

The group reviewed the complete power plant and went through serious of sessions with key technical team in areas of resource management, multiple unit control and operation from one control room, maintenance practice, spare parts and stock, communication and relations with utility authorities and grid, and more. 


Visiting Olkaria Geothermal power plant in Kenya


Soyak visit in Kenya


Sanko visit in Kenya


Long term partnership