Advocating for Geothermal Energy in Latin America at the GEOLAC

Ormat Employee Takes Center Stage at GEOLAC

In a remarkable showcase of expertise and commitment to sustainable energy solutions, we are proud to participate in the recent Latin America Geothermal Conference (GEOLAC).


The conference, a pivotal event in the renewable energy sector, brought together industry leaders, policymakers, and experts to discuss the future of geothermal energy in Latin America.

The representative from Ormat, Shabtay Mizrahi, played a key role in the conference by participating in panels that delved into critical subjects shaping the geothermal landscape in the region. With a keen focus on the specific energy needs of Latin American nations, he contributed valuable insights to discussions on "How Geothermal Features in El Salvador's Future Energy Planning" and "Mapping the Geothermal Future in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia: Sourcing Commitment and Financing for Future Development."


El Salvador's ambitious energy planning has increasingly incorporated geothermal power as a key component of its renewable energy portfolio. Ormat's extensive experience in the field, shed light on the potential and challenges of integrating geothermal energy into the country's future energy mix. The discussion explored the economic, environmental, and social benefits that geothermal power could bring to El Salvador, emphasizing its role in achieving sustainability goals.


In the panel on mapping the geothermal future in Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia, we showcased Ormat's commitment to identifying opportunities and securing financing for the development of geothermal projects in these nations. By addressing the challenges specific to each country, such as regulatory frameworks, resource mapping, and financial commitments, we demonstrated Ormat's dedication to driving the geothermal agenda forward in the region.


Ormat Technologies, a global leader in geothermal and renewable energy solutions, continues to play a pivotal role in advancing sustainable development across the world. The company's presence at GEOLAC reinforces Ormat's commitment to fostering collaborations, sharing expertise and contributing to the growth of geothermal energy in Latin America.

As Latin America looks towards a more sustainable energy future, Ormat and its dedicated employees stand ready to contribute innovative solutions and expertise to help shape a greener, more resilient energy landscape for the region. The company remains at the forefront of driving positive change in the renewable energy sector, leading the charge towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.


Panel participation at GEOLAC


panelists at GEOLAC2023


Panel participants at GEOLAC2023