Sihuangziping Geothermal Power Plant

A Fabulous Leap Towards Sustainable Energy in Taiwan

In the vibrant landscape of renewable energy, the Sihuangziping Geothermal Power Plant stands as a testament to innovation and sustainability. Located in the scenic Jinshan District of New Taipei City, Taiwan, this geothermal power plant is a collaboration between Ormat Technologies and its esteemed customer, Fabulous.


A Blend of Tradition and Technology: The Commercial Operation Date of the Sihuangziping Geothermal Power Plant marked a significant milestone for the project. The inauguration ceremony was not just a routine event but a special and local traditional celebration. As a representative of Ormat Technologies, @Rami Shavit had the honor of participating in this unique ceremony. VIP guests, including local dignitaries and community leaders, joined in the festivities. The highlight of the event was when the distinguished guests collectively pressed the power plant operation button, symbolizing the commencement of its commercial operations.


Sustainable Power from Datun Volcanoes: What sets the Sihuangziping project apart is its utilization of the natural heat generated by the Datun (Tatun) volcanoes. As Ormat's second geothermal plant in Taiwan, it signifies a significant step towards harnessing the Earth's renewable resources for clean energy production. The Sihuangziping Geothermal Power Plant is now intricately connected to the electricity grid of the Jinshan District, ensuring a consistent and sustainable power supply.


Beyond its technological marvel, the Sihuangziping project is making a positive impact on the local community. With the capacity to generate enough electricity to power 1500 four-person households annually, the project contributes to the region's energy needs while minimizing its environmental footprint. This aligns with the broader goal of promoting sustainable practices and reducing dependence on non-renewable energy sources.


The Sihuangziping Geothermal Power Plant proudly features Ormat's cutting-edge geothermal technology, known for its efficiency and reliability. While Ormat played a crucial role in the project's development, it is owned by our customer, Fabulous. This partnership reflects a collaborative effort to drive the adoption of sustainable energy solutions and underscores the commitment to a greener, more sustainable future.

As the Sihuangziping Geothermal Power Plant takes its place in the renewable energy landscape of Taiwan, it serves as a beacon of progress and a blueprint for forthcoming initiatives. The blend of tradition and technology in its inauguration ceremony reflects the harmonious integration of sustainable practices into the fabric of local communities. With more projects on the horizon, including a third power plant expected to come online in mid-2024, the journey toward a cleaner and more sustainable energy future in Taiwan continues to unfold.



sihuangziping Geothermal in Taiwan


sihuangziping geothermal power plant