Binary Technology

Binary plants are ideal for geothermal reservoirs to maximize sustainability and return on investment. Binary plants maximize sustainability by reinjecting 100% of the geothermal fluid, maintaining reservoir pressures. Return on Investment (ROI) is maximized due to much lower operating costs and higher resilience to changing reservoir conditions thereby maintaining higher efficiency over the long term. Binary technology can be utilized on a wide range of resources from low enthalpy to high. Multiple high enthalpy binary facilities are in service around the world.

How It Works

The fluid is extracted from an underground reservoir and flows from the wellhead through pipelines to heat exchangers in the Ormat Energy Converter (OEC) that based on an Organic Rankine Cycle.

Inside the heat exchangers, the geothermal fluid heats and vaporizes a secondary working fluid which is organic, with a low boiling point.

The organic vapors drive the turbine and then are condensed in a condenser, which is cooled by either air or water.

The turbine rotates the generator.

Condensed fluid is recycled back into the heat exchangers by a pump, completing the cycle in a closed system.

The cooled geothermal fluid is re-injected into the reservoir.

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