Business Model

Flexible Business Models

Ormat operates using several business models; all are designed to accommodate a wide range of customer preferences, while delivering optimal flexibility and efficiency. We work with our clients to first understand their perspectives and then develop approaches that fit the unique parameters of their manufacturing operation and are strategically aligned to optimize the value of the waste heat stream their facilities generate.


Here are ways Ormat works with clients in the REG industry:


Supply of equipment

Ormat is pleased to provide contracts with our customers for the supply of the Ormat designed power plant and provide support and technical assistance, as the client constructs it.


REG Turnkey Solutions

Ormat has extensive experiencing in both operating and managing REG power plants and selling electricity to electric utilities. We provide turnkey solutions to utilities and industrial customers who use Ormat’s REG power plants, providing a worry-free, peace-of-mind energy saving solution.


Independent Power Producers (IPP)

Ormat will assume operational responsibility for the REG units we built and install at clients’ facilities. Under this model, we develop and own the REG facilities and manage the contracts to sell the electric power they generate to utilities and end users.

Recovered Energy projects

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