Ormat After-Sales

As power plant owners with decades of experience, we’ve developed a highly skilled team, innovative solutions, and extensive expertise in day-to-day plant operations. Our After-Sales department was created to bring those valuable resources to you, our customers.

The After-Sales team works closely with our experts including the engineering department that plans power plants components, the projects and operations department that works closely with plant operators, and the various production departments to provide real-time, top-quality solutions to all Ormat customers worldwide.

24/7 customer support

Power plants are active 24/7, and so are we. That’s how we ensure that you get the support you need, whenever you need it.

Vertically integrated services

Eliminate the hassle of coordinating between multiple service providers and get everything you need at one convenient point of contact.

Tailor-made solutions

No two plants are the same, so we work closely with your team to craft the ideal solutions to meet the unique needs of your power plant.

Global coverage

No matter where you are, we’ve got you covered—our professional teams work all over the globe.

Decades of experience

We’ve done it all—we have experience designing, manufacturing, operating, and maintaining power plants.

Remote services

We offer the following services remotely:

  • Plant performance analysis: Using data collected remotely, we advise plant personnel on how to return each system and tool to its original data points for optimal performance.
  • Plant operation monitoring: We leverage our expertise to help plant leadership and staff with ongoing work processes and day-to-day operations using remote access.
  • Turbine conditional monitoring: We analyze vibrations and sensor data in the turbine on an ongoing basis to assess turbine health and provide predictive maintenance recommendations.
  • Software updates: We update plant management and monitoring software regularly so our customers can benefit from new features and improved performance.
  • Troubleshooting: When customers have irregular results, alerts, or find that something in the plant isn’t working properly, we help them troubleshoot and solve the problem at hand.

On-site services

Our teams can deploy to your plant to provide the following services on site:

  • Hands-on operation and maintenance by Ormat experts: Ormat’s experts can deploy to your plant for a pre-determined amount of time and work side-by-side with managers and other team members. While at your plant, they are present full-time to support your team in operations, maintenance, or whatever else they need.
  • Maintenance supervision: Ormat can send an expert to your site to supervise planned or unplanned maintenance and ensure that it’s being done correctly.
  • Upgrade management: Updates are complex. We utilize our expertise to help our customers update and replace obsolete systems or mechanisms in the best way possible, supporting the process from planning to implementation, to monitoring.

Spare parts during the warranty and beyond

We make sure that you can access the parts you need, whenever you need them, including spare parts and upgrades for obsolete parts.

Turbine lifetime warranty

Our turbines come with a two-year warranty, and a lifetime warranty can be purchased for additional assurance.


Ormat After-Sales services include both on-site and remote training sessions and online webinars to keep you and your team updated about the latest technology. Our training sessions cover operations and maintenance, mechanical issues, and electrical and control issues.