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Renewing Earth’s Energy Future

At Ormat Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: ORA), we’re always on; delivering renewable power and energy solutions to our customers around the clock and around the world.
Clean, reliable energy solutions provided from geothermal power, recovered energy, as well as energy storage solutions, is our expertise, commitment and focus.


Built on ingenuity and proven experience, Ormat is recognized globally for developing state-of-the-art, environmentally sound power solutions.

We design, build and supply power generating equipment for our customers’ geothermal and recovered energy power plants in over 30 countries. We understand our customers’ operating challenges, because we are operators too.

As a geothermal industry leader, we’ve gained global expertise in exploring, developing, designing, manufacturing, building, owning and operating geothermal power plants in Kenya, Guadalupe, Guatemala, Honduras and the United States.


Our vertically integrated structure enables us to leverage our renewable energy expertise, our core capabilities, and our global experience to supply and develop geothermal, recovered energy, and energy storage solutions.