Vertically Integrated

Ormat’s is the world’s only vertically integrated geothermal company that explores, drills, designs, builds, manufactures, owns, finances and operates geothermal power plants.

What is Vertical Integration?

Intensive involvement and know-how. At every stage of the supply value chain.

Ormat has deep insight and experience with every link of the supply value chain, and we leverage it to advance technology, reduce lifecycle costs, ensure quality and develop geothermal resources and the power plants that harness their energy to maximize return on investment.


At Ormat, vertical integration means our clients receive the same level of creativity, commitment, service and plant performance we demand of the facilities we own and operate ourselves.


Ormat resource group is comprised of an experienced team of geologists, geophysicists and engineers dedicated to assessing, exploring, developing and managing geothermal reservoirs.

Ormat offers unsurpassed field-proven knowledge and experience, from land acquisition, leasing, permitting, and Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) negotiation, through interconnection and transmission agreements.

Ormat’s subsidiary GEODRILL is solely dedicated to drilling, owning and operating multiple drilling rigs and has vast experience in drilling work worldwide.

We apply a modular, flexible design approach, to maximize efficiency, provide for transportation, installation, operation, maintenance and future expansion. We are constantly advancing our technology, improving our products and explore new paths to increase efficiencies and meet costumer’s needs.  

We manufacture major power plant components at our state-of-the-art facilities. For customers, this translates to precisely tailored solutions that meet the specific requirements and challenges of every site and power resource. Having manufacturing capabilities enables us to control supply lead-times and ensure the quality of our products.

All equipment manufactured by Ormat is preassembled and tested in our facilities to ensure rapid, dependable installation on-site. We are known as a reliable, efficient constructor who respects budget and schedule, while working in a safe, solution-oriented manner with all project stakeholders.

Every day, Ormat applies the expertise we’ve gained over three decades of power plant operations and development. By year-end 2018, we will have 910 MW in geothermal energy operations in six different countries, type of reservoirs and technologies. That is the experience that works for you.

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