Ormat is an earth-first company.


We’ve been capturing the power of sustainable thinking from the start – by applying our ingenuity to create a future where natural energy sources, like geothermal and solar, and smart solutions, like recovered energy generation, deliver peace of mind and make a difference.


We apply the world’s most advanced recovery technologies to harness the power contained in the geothermal fluids that flow in the molten interior of the earth’s crust. We convert earth-bound energy from heat to electrical energy, while preserving the integrity and prolonging the lifecycles of the geothermal reservoirs we drill. Geothermal energy provides base load electricity 24/7. It’s highly reliable, produces no NOx emissions and virtually no CO2 emissions.


Recovered energy generation is another critical part of our sustainable energy portfolio – a sector that provides vital, self-generating power, which produces electricity with zero emissions and without added fuel consumption.


All of these energy options do not involve the production or burning of fossil fuels and, in fact, encourage a future where fossil fuels are no longer necessary. We are working to ensure that Ormat remains at the forefront of the renewable energy sector, because we see a fossil-free future on the horizon.


At Ormat, we go beyond renewable energy development. We believe in the power of positive thinking and action. In every geography in which we operate, we seek to become part of the community, creating positive working relationships with local stakeholders and welcoming them to our facilities – so they can learn more about renewable energy.


Ormat also recognizes that every community in which we operate should benefit from our presence. That’s why we give back to local not-for-profit and charitable organizations, contributing to local health, wellness and educational causes that strengthen potential and encourage and promote positive long-term outcomes.


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