MORI Binary Geothermal Power Plant

Harnessing Nature for Sustainable Energy

The MORI Binary Power Plant (MBP), a groundbreaking joint venture organized by three Japanese companies; Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc. (HEPCO), JFE Engineering Corporation, and Tokyo Century Corporation, stands as a testament to the relentless pursuit of sustainable energy solutions.

Located in Mori-Machi, Hokkaido, Japan, this geothermal power plant is a significant addition to Japan's renewable energy landscape, contributing 2MW of clean electricity to the grid. With its Commercial Operation Date (COD) marked on November 24, 2023, MBP is a symbol of technological innovation and environmental responsibility.


Managed and operated by Mori Binary Power LLC. established by the three companies, MBP represents Ormat's fourth geothermal power plant in Japan, marking a remarkable milestone in the company's commitment to clean energy. Additionally, MBP introduces advanced technology that maximizes the utilization of unused thermal energy from hot water of HEPCO's existing Mori Geothermal Power Plant before it's returned to the ground, showcasing a forward-thinking approach to clean energy solutions.


The success of the MBP owes much to the exceptional collaboration with the local government, residents, and other stakeholders. The project was made possible through the understanding and cooperation of the community, reflecting a shared commitment to environmental sustainability. The geothermal plant not only generates clean energy but also actively involves and benefits the local population, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.


MBP's  utilization of geothermal energy signifies a significant step forward in reducing carbon emissions and promoting a cleaner, more sustainable energy mix. By tapping into the Earth's natural heat reservoirs, MBP avoids the burning of fossil fuels, reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional power generation methods. The project's commitment to maximum renewable energy utilization aligns with global efforts to combat climate change.


MBP is a shining example of how advanced technology and community collaboration can converge to create a sustainable future.

This joint venture, coupled with Ormat's cutting-edge geothermal technology, showcases a commitment to a greener and more environmentally conscious world. As Japan continues to transition towards a cleaner energy landscape, projects like MBP play a pivotal role in driving the shift towards renewable resources and corporate responsibility.


The MORI Binary Power Plant


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