Creativity. Courage. Constant Renewal. Full Commitment. Stability

Strong values for solid governance.

The five values Ormat was built on are reflected in the way we work and operate our company, every day, in every location. We believe honesty, openness and fairness must be demonstrated by every Ormat employee, manager or director, at all times. Ormat is a publicly traded company managed by ten-member Board of Directors; see the Leadership page for details



The high standards we adhere to are set out in Ormat’s Corporate Governance Guidelines, and our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. Both documents have guided our company since its inception in 1965 and were formalized in 2004, when Ormat was officially listed for trading on the New York Stock Exchange. In addition, on August 2016 Ormat Board adopted an Anti Corruption Policy.


Ormat’s corporate governance policy and other policies are further detailed in the documents linked to below: 

Code of Conduct policy amended April 28, 2021 (updated to provide enhanced whistleblower reporting mechanisms and track SEC language).