New contract in New Zealand for 59 MW geothermal power plant

TEHUKA - Ormat's 16th geothermal power plant in New Zealand

We are excited to say that we signed a new contract with Contact Energy Ltd. for the Tehuka 3 geothermal power plant in New Zealand


This contract marks the third time Ormat has signed with Contact Energy. Tehuka 3 will be Ormat’s 16th geothermal power plant built in New Zealand and will produce 59 MW of renewable energy.

It will be the largest single geothermal binary unit operational plant worldwide!

Ormat has reached an agreement with Contact Energy to supply its air-cooled Ormat Energy Converters for the Tehuka 3 geothermal project. This new power plant will be located near the existing Tehuka 1 & 2 plants and will utilize the Tauhara resource.


Congratulations to the Contact Energy and Ormat Technologies teams that worked days and nights to sign the contract.


Doron Blachar, CEO of Ormat Technologies, said, “The signing of these two contracts increases our product segment backlog, and provides a significant contribution to our expected product segment revenues and margins."