Canada's First 5MW Pilot Project for Conventional Geothermal Powers

Forward into a Sustainable Future

Reno, October 6, 2023 – In a groundbreaking endeavor set to

redefine Canada's energy landscape. Ormat Technologies is partnering with DEEP Earth Energy to launch the nation's first 5MW conventional geothermal power plant. After years of collaboration, the two companies signed a Notice to Proceed Agreement, marking the first step to bringing this clean energy source online. 


This remarkable project marks a significant milestone in Canada's commitment to sustainable energy sources and environmental stewardship. Canada has long been recognized for its vast geothermal potential, yet this valuable resource has remained largely untapped until now. DEEP Earth Energy and Ormat Technologies are committed to a greener, more sustainable future. 


Key highlights of the project include:

  1.   5MW Capacity: The pilot project boasts a 5MW capacity, providing clean energy to power homes and businesses while significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  2.   Harnessing Natural Heat: Utilizing the Earth's natural heat reservoirs, this conventional geothermal plant represents a new era in renewable energy technology, offering a consistent and renewable source of electricity.
  3.   Job Creation: The project has created numerous job opportunities in the local community, stimulating economic growth and enhancing the region's prosperity.
  4.   Environmental Benefits: By producing clean energy, this geothermal plant will reduce Canada's reliance on fossil fuels and help combat climate change by cutting carbon emissions.
  5.   Local Partnerships: DEEP Earth Energy has collaborated with local businesses, government agencies, and environmental organizations to ensure the project's success while aligning with Canada's sustainability goals.


DEEP Earth Energy's President & CEO, Kirsten Marcia, expressed

excitement about this groundbreaking initiative, stating, "We are grateful to have such a strong and committed partner as DEEP prepares to become Canada's first commercial conventional geothermal power producer." Together, we will revolutionize the geothermal power industry, incorporating DEEP'S first-in-the-world horizontal well design and Ormat's ORC power generation equipment. This is a transformative step forward in Canada's decarbonization strategy."


Ormat Technologies is proud to deliver new state-of-the-art equipment to help bring clean power to the grid. 


Ormat Technologies, Vice President of International Sales, Ran Reshef says this is only the beginning of their partnership, "I extend my sincere gratitude to Kristen and the esteemed Deep team for affording us the privilege to participate in the geothermal revolution sweeping across Canada. It is with great honor that we find ourselves at the forefront of this pivotal transformation in the Canadian energy landscape. As we move forward, let it be known that this is just the beginning."