Bowling Green a 12MW Battery Energy Storage System

Ormat Powers Up Bowling Green with 12MW Battery Energy Storage System

Ormat recently marked a significant milestone with the commissioning of a 12MW Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) in Bowling Green, Ohio. The ribbon-cutting event, hosted by Ormat, celebrated the commercial operation of the energy storage project, which has been actively supporting the local community and regional power grid since May 2023.


The BESS in Bowling Green serves a dual purpose, providing peak-load reduction services for Bowling Green Municipal Utilities (BGMU) and contributing to frequency regulation for the broader regional power grid. The successful operation of this state-of-the-art energy storage facility highlights Ormat's commitment to delivering innovative solutions that enhance grid reliability and support the integration of renewable energy sources.


The commissioning ceremony was attended by key stakeholders, including Ormat team members, BGMU representatives, and esteemed guests such as Mayor Mike Aspacher and members of the local Chamber of Commerce. The event was an opportunity to recognize the collaborative efforts that led to the successful implementation of the project and to celebrate the positive impact the BESS is having on the local and regional energy landscape.

Mayor Mike Aspacher expressed his appreciation for the project, acknowledging its role in supporting the community's energy needs and contributing to a sustainable future. The collaboration between Ormat and Bowling Green Municipal Utilities exemplifies the importance of public-private partnerships in advancing clean energy initiatives and achieving common goals.


Ormat's Bowling Green project is part of a broader strategic initiative, as highlighted in the company's recent press release. The commencement of commercial operations at two new battery storage facilities, totaling 43MW/43MWh of cumulative capacity, reinforces Ormat's position as a key player in the rapidly evolving energy storage sector.

The newly commissioned energy storage facilities are set to play a vital role in stabilizing the grid, enhancing energy reliability, and facilitating the integration of renewable resources. Ormat's commitment to sustainability and technological innovation positions the company as a leader in the transition to a cleaner and more resilient energy future.


Congratulations were extended to all parties involved in the realization of the Bowling Green BESS, reflecting the collective dedication to advancing energy storage technologies and supporting the transition to a more sustainable and reliable energy landscape. As Ormat continues to expand its footprint in energy storage, the company's contributions are poised to make a lasting impact on communities and the broader energy sector.


Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Bowling Green Energy Storage