Ormat Acquires Geothermal and Solar Assets from Enel Green Power

Significant expansion of Ormat's generating capacity and footprint in the renewable energy sector

Ormat has recently announced its strategic acquisition of renewable energy assets from Enel Green Power North America. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in Ormat's journey towards bolstering its renewable energy portfolio and strengthening its position in the rapidly evolving energy market.


Ormat Technologies has long been recognized for our expertise in geothermal energy solutions, offering innovative technologies and services that harness the Earth's natural heat to generate sustainable power. With this acquisition, Ormat not only inherits a broader spectrum of renewable energy assets but also diversifies its renewable energy portfolio beyond geothermal power.


The acquisition is a testament to Ormat's commitment to driving the global transition towards clean energy. By integrating these new assets into our portfolio, we strengthen our capacity to provide reliable and sustainable energy solutions to communities and industries worldwide. Furthermore, it reinforces Ormat's position as a key player in the renewable energy landscape, capable of delivering comprehensive energy solutions across multiple technologies.


Geothermal energy, in particular, holds immense potential as a baseload power source, offering consistent and reliable electricity generation without the intermittency associated with some other renewable sources like solar and wind. Ormat's expertise in this field positions the company to optimize the performance of existing geothermal assets acquired from Enel Green Power North America while also exploring new opportunities for growth and innovation in the sector.


Moreover, the acquisition underscores Ormat's dedication to environmental sustainability. By expanding our renewable energy portfolio, Ormat contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and mitigates the adverse impacts of fossil fuel dependency on the environment. This aligns with the global imperative to transition towards low-carbon energy sources and build a more sustainable future for generations to come.


For us, the acquisition represents more than just a business transaction — it embodies a strategic investment in the future of renewable energy. By acquiring assets from Enel Green Power North America, we’re not only expanding our market presence but also enriching our technological capabilities and strengthening our commitment to sustainability. As the world continues to prioritize clean energy solutions, Ormat stands poised to lead the charge towards a greener and more sustainable energy landscape.


Ormat acquires Enel Green Power