A 15-Year Agreement for geothermal power with CPA

Ormat and Clean Power Alliance Signed a 15-Year Agreement for geothermal power

This month (May 2021), Ormat announced that it signed a 15-year power purchase agreement for geothermal power with the Clean Power Alliance (CPA), the fifth largest power provider in California. CPA will purchase 14 MW of power from the Heber South geothermal facility in Imperial Valley, CA. This agreement is a huge milestone for CPA as its first geothermal power contract, and we are proud to partner with the single largest provider of 100% renewable energy to customers in the nation.


The addition of Heber South will contribute to CPA’s greenhouse gas emission reduction goals and enhance overall reliability for CPA’s more than one million southern California customer accounts.


This is Ormat’s first contract with CPA, creating the potential for additional agreements in the future as CPA pursues aggressive goals to provide renewable energy to southern California.


Doron Blachar, CEO of Ormat Technologies, said, “This agreement establishes a mutually productive relationship with CPA, a recognized leader in the renewable sector, and gives Ormat additional security through a longer-term PPA than our prior agreement. Ormat will add 14 MW of renewable energy to CPA’s already diverse energy portfolio, enabling CPA to power 19,400 homes and bringing CPA closer to meeting its regulatory obligations under SB 100 and SB 350, which requires that 65% of Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS) procurement be sourced from long-term contracts beginning in 2021.”


“Partnering with Ormat Technologies is a great fit for Clean Power Alliance as the Southern California Heber South facility will allow us to provide renewable geothermal electricity to our customers when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing,” said Ted Bardacke Executive Director of Clean Power Alliance. “This is a win for the environment and a win for grid reliability.”


Heber Complex, California, USA