first line shaft pumps in Europe!

Ormat Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: ORA) is delighted to announce that it has signed a supply contract for the delivery of a geothermal production pump (OPP) for the Landau geothermal plant in Germany.


This is the first line shaft pumps in europe, part of 140 ormat's production pumps around the world.


Once delivered to site and installed, Ormat’s Proprietary Production Pump (OPP) will replace the existing pump.


Ormat’s OPP pumps with a capacity of up to 1200m3/hr


 Maximum pressure of 69 bar


Maximum depth of 830m


Best suited to supply the geothermal market needs in Europe




Ormat’s  hydraulic components are designed using state-of-the-art CFD, FEA, and CAD software programs, in order to ensure optimal performance and reliability.


Ormat’s OPP product line of customized geothermal production pumps delivers renewable energy solutions world-wide. The pump for the geothermal plant in Landau /Germany will be Ormat’s first line shaft pump delivered to a geothermal plant in Europe.


The vertical integration of ORMAT provides many advantages when it comes to production pumps. Ormat personnel manage every phase in the life cycle of a geothermal production pump: Design and drilling of the wells, pump specification according to reservoir conditions and limitations, mechanical design, pump assembly, installation, performance monitoring and troubleshooting

This diverse base of in-house expertise enables Ormat to adapt to new and existing well constructions and other challenges, including high temperatures, deep settings, high flow rates, challenging brine chemistry, etc.

All of this means that Ormat accounts for many factors and uncertainties in the preliminary design of its pumps, in order to avoid costly failures following installation.


There are more than 140 Ormat production pumps in operation around the world. Since Ormat operates these production pumps at its own plants, all of Ormat new production pump components are tested in real geothermal wells, as the last phase of their R&D process.

Over the years Ormat have developed extensive knowledge on how to detect problems and what is the best response for each scenario. In recent years Ormat have programmed this knowledge into its own control systems, so the pump will automatically react accordingly when a problem is detected, making normal production pump operation completely autonomous.


Ormat is constantly looking forward developing new products, improving existing products, and implementing new technologies, in order to provide the best solutions for the industry.


Ormat production pump