North Valley Geothermal Power Plant is on!

Bringing Ormat's North Valley Geothermal Power Plant Online

Ormat Technologies proudly announces the successful completion of its newest power plant in North Valley, Nevada. Bringing this groundbreaking project online required innovation and collaboration and culminated in a remarkable achievement for the renewable energy industry.


Generating clean electricity and tying it into the grid required construction of not only a state-of-the-art 25MW power plant but a 58-mile transmission line. In doing this, Ormat overcame numerous challenges that showcase its unwavering commitment to delivering new carbon-emission free energy.


Development required meticulous planning and coordination, as well as navigating various environmental considerations and regulatory requirements. Despite these challenges, Ormat leveraged its extensive technical, regulatory, and logistical expertise to successfully complete a project that will power 22,000 homes and reduce 3.5 million tons of atmospheric CO2.


Ormat’s binary technology is at the forefront of the renewable energy industry, but the company also values integrity and continually demonstrates its deep commitment to economic, environmental, and social sustainability. At North Valley, Ormat worked closely with local communities, emphasizing open communication and responsible stewardship. Ormat implemented robust measures to minimize impact on the surrounding ecosystem, including the use of advanced materials to reduce noise, dust, and other potential disturbances.


Completion of the North Valley Power Plant not only strengthens Ormat’s position as a leader in geothermal energy, but it significantly contributes to a broader global goal of combating climate change. By harnessing Earth's natural heat, Ormat ensures clean power for generations to come. This achievement would not have been possible without the unwavering dedication of Ormat employees and the support of many partners and stakeholders. Celebrating this milestone reinforces Ormat’s steadfast commitment to worldwide geothermal power expansion.


North Valley power plant


Ormat Geothermal Power plant



North Valley geothermal power plant turbine


Ormat geothermal power plant in Nevada