Recovered Energy Generation

Our Advantage

Ormat’s thermodynamic thinking is unmatched. Our proprietary REG power plants enable industries around the world to capture unused waste heat from their processes, convert it to electricity, and either reuse or sell it to the grid – with zero emissions and without added fuel consumption.


Ormat’s REG power plants expertise is based on the Ormat Energy Converter (OEC). This simple, elegant solution is self-contained, fully automated, and technologically and economically efficient. The OEC uses a non-freezing, non-polluting organic working fluid selected to optimize power output for any heat stream. Thermal energy in the heat stream can either be captured directly or via heat transfer loop.


What does this deliver? High availability electricity supply, maximized energy efficiency, lower fossil fuel consumption and an accelerated return on investment. For any industry that generates heat; paper mills, gas compressor stations, cement factories, gas processing plants, oil and gas refineries, incinerators, chemical plants, glass manufacturers and others.


How Do We Do It?


Ormat’s OEC is based on the Organic Rankine Cycle – a thermodynamic process that transfers heat to an organic motive fluid that is vaporized. The expansion pressure inside a vapor turbine drives a generator or additional compressor coupled to the unit. We’ve significantly advanced ORC science and more than 71 US patents protect our OEC power plant systems, and equipment designs.


REG power plants makes complete environmental and economic sense. Why let your operations send valuable heat energy into the atmosphere, instead of your bottom line?


Ormat’s REG expertise is uniquely tailored for:


Gas Compressor Stations - Ormat offers exclusive energy recovery systems solutions for gas pipeline compressor stations.


Cement Plants - Ormat’s REG solutions complement and work in concert with cement plant operations.


Gas Processing Plants - Ormat’s gas processing plant solutions transform waste heat from gas turbine exhaust into viable, valuable power.


Other Industrial Processes - Paper, glass, cement, chemical, and metal refineries – virtually any manufacturing process that generates large amounts of heat is an ideal candidate for Ormat’s REG solutions.

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