Energy Solutions

Ormat serves the changing world of electricity generation, distributed generation and demand management by enabling a comprehensive umbrella of solutions starting from energy and demand response management and energy storage systems.  We provide grid operators with the power to enhance grid performance, stability and responsiveness – while delivering capacity at the right time and the right price.  We also provide commercial, industrial and municipality clients with reliability and power quality solutions as well as peak shaving and demand charge management solutions to lower their utility bill and, in the unregulated markets, provide ancillary market services to generate revenue.


Leveraging the skills of Viridity Energy Solutions and Ormat Technologies teams of energy solutions and storage experts, we have an extensive track record of successfully delivering projects in the competitive US electricity markets.  The combination of Viridity and Ormat capabilities provides a unique offering to customers – a truly one stop shop for energy management solutions.  Viridity brings an industry leading energy management software technology platform, along with demand response and demand management expertise, coupled with many years of battery storage.  Ormat brings 50+ years of renewable energy experience and world-class engineering and project management expertise.  Together Viridity and Ormat can deliver the most comprehensive solutions in the energy industry – from energy management and energy storage all the way to full turnkey solutions – all managed end-to-end by one company. This means our commercial and industrial customers can leverage our solutions to lower their energy bills and generate market revenue, while increasing the electricity quality and availability.


Power, When and Where You Need It

In grid-connected facilities, energy storage assets typically serve the grid manager. Currently, the largest use of energy storage facilities is in providing Frequency Response – i.e. balancing short-term fluctuations between electricity generation and load. This is becoming increasingly necessary as the expansion of renewable power means more instability and intermittence in energy grids. The changes currently underway in electricity markets, including the advent of micro grids, the adoption of behind the meter solutions to residential and non-residential electricity customers, the electrification of heating and the next generation of electric vehicles are driving the need for more nimble, proactive management of electricity consumption and resources.


Markets and customers are quickly realizing the substantial value that energy storage can provide in lowering costs and providing the peace of mind that energy can always be available. Ormat, through its expert engineering and project management teams, and Viridity Energy Solutions with its technology and market know-how, are providing commercial and industrial customers, retail energy providers, Utilities, and Municipalities the right solution based specifically on their needs, including their load profile, their geographical location and the value drivers that deliver the optimal economic benefit.


For Utilities:

  • Enhance reactive power support
  • Optimize power capacity, similar to peaker plants
  • Enable the deferral of costly transmission and distribution infrastructure, through strategic siting of the energy storage facilities.


For Commercial, Industrial and Municipality customers


Ormat, through Viridity, helps commercial and industrial customers to proactively manage their energy consumption using demand response strategies and, when possible, we provide automated control of their energy assets thus ensuring that the energy strategy is executed to perfection.


We drive customer savings by them voluntarily shifting/shedding load during accurately predicted grid peaks of demand when electricity prices are at their highest.


  • Customers can smooth monthly peaks on utility bills through active load shifting/shedding
  • Customers receive revenue from the electric grid for their ability to voluntarily shift load when and where the grid needs it or participative and monetize ancillary services revenues from the electricity markets,
  • Can provide fully automated remote controls energy management services for customer interaction with the electricity markets to monetize all of the above opportunities.
  • Utilizing Viridity’s VPowerTM software we can value stack different revenue streams  


Ormat offers the following industry leading solutions, for the demand response (DR) and energy storage markets:


  • Analyzing customer needs and opportunities and offering an optimized strategy
  • Market operation of distributed load or storage assets
  • Optimization and monetization demand response use cases for the customer
  • Offering battery storage as a service( BSAAS), financed by Ormat at customer sites
  • Engineering and integration of energy storage facilities
  • Operation of assets (O&M of the physical asset)
  • Market operation of assets with specialized software applications


Ormat serves both the grid connected and the Behind-The-Meter (BTM) markets, through its Battery Storage as a Service – where we design, finance, build and operate energy storage facilities for clients and provide predetermined services to clients from these facilities.