Storage Business Model

Flexible Business Models

Viridity’s state-of-the-art software technology platform and its position as a registered Curtailment service provider in unregulated US markets allows customers to optimize electricity assets on a 24/7 basis, contributing to a more stable and balanced electricity use and grid. Viridity Energy has been operating energy storage systems that provide frequency control, peak shaving, voltage support, and other use cases.


Ormat and Viridity Energy’s storage project development teams works with a variety of technology vendors to bring the right technology to each individual project.


Our BSAAS (Battery Storage as a Service) and DRAAS (Demand Response as a Service) offering allows customers to enjoy maximum operational flexibility as well as maximum economic value. With no technology and operational worries for the customer combined with value stacking of services, significant revenues and savings can be achieved.  


Using proprietary software and solutions, Viridity also serves a large number of customers in the North American energy market including retail energy providers, utilities, and large industrial and commercial clients.


Viridity’s offerings enable clients in the US to optimize and monetize their energy management, demand response and storage facilities’ potential by interacting on their behalf with regional transmission organizations and independent system operators. 


Some examples

Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA): Operational since 2012, Viridity developed and operates this expanding fleet of distributed energy storage assets. Currently the 2.8 MW fleet consists of three storage systems which are deployed at three separate traction power substations which feed the “third rail” subway system in Philadelphia. The battery fleet is expanding to 10.6 MW in 2017 and Viridity will remain the system and market operator focused on 24x7 Frequency Regulation bidding, scheduling, dispatch, monitoring, settlement and performance reporting.


Village of Minster, OH: Another example of Viridity value stacking and system control with energy storage is the 7 MW / 3 MWh BESS deployed behind-the-meter at the Village of Minster (OH). This initiative won Project of the Year at the 2016 PowerGen conference. Viridity’s Strategy is to drive revenue for project developers through 24x7 frequency regulation service via Viridity market operations, and provide PLC-based savings to the Municipality via Viridity’s VPower driven coincident peak forecasting model, as well as provide constant reactive power support services for the municipality’s large industrial customer base.