We are proud to release for commercial implementation, our recent registered patent for WIND GUIDING VANES


For couple of years Ormat studied the wind flow production effect on its Don A Campbell geothermal complex and confirmed the theoretically known major effect on Air Cooled Condensers thermal performance. Ormat managed to recover 2000 MWh to the yearly production using its recently patented  Wind Guiding Vanes (WGV), developed using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis and optimization process.


Following the promising results, Ormat now offers the WGV to its worldwide clients.


Wind has a major effect on Air Cooled Condensers thermal performance, thus, on geothermal plants power generation. To regain plant generation during winds, wind effect analysis was performed in Don A Campbell, an Ormat geothermal power plant in Nevada. Field tests were executed on small scale system, including fan flowrate measurements and smoke tests. Results showed a significant performance improvement with the WGV system equipped bays in windy conditions.

Rankine cycle condenser thermal performance determines the turbine back pressure, thus has direct impact on power plant generation, especially in low enthalpy (geothermal heat resource) Organic Rankine Cycle application. Following the promising results, full scale solution was implemented in Don A Campbell and is now a commercial patented solution.


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Early this year, Ormat published a Technical paper reviewing the wind effect mitigation methods for air cooled condensers, fundamental analysis of the problem and Ormat designed solution.

Read the complete description, tests and results in the article.



Don A. Campbell Complex, NV, USA, 36 MW