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Our Geothermal Advantage

Ormat leads the global geothermal sector: exploring, designing, developing, building, owning and operating geothermal power plants around the world. We’re passionate about advancing geothermal technology, providing choice, flexibility and optimum, customized solutions. When it comes to earth’s energy, Ormat excels in harnessing it.


With experience gained in more than 30 countries, and from working on dozens of different geothermal development scenarios, Ormat empowers clients with world-class, comprehensive understanding of how to maximize their geothermal resources and facilities.


From field analysis and resource delineation to optimized plant and equipment configurations, Ormat offers the ultimate advantage – peace of mind –by providing options ranging from individual equipment and services up to comprehensive turnkey solutions – uniquely tailored to suit specific sites, geothermal resources and ambient conditions.

We are the only company capable of offering this range of services, thanks to our vertically integrated structure and intensive involvement across the geothermal industry’s value chain.

Geothermal Power Binary Technology

Flexible Business Models

Ormat operates using several business models; all are designed to accommodate a wide range of customer preferences, while maintaining maximum flexibility and efficiency.


When we work with our customers, we seek first to understand their perspectives and to develop approaches that fit the unique parameters of their geothermal resource, the economics of developing it and the market dynamics the resulting electricity must navigate.

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