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Our Geothermal Advantage

Ormat leads the global geothermal sector: exploring, designing, developing, building, owning and operating geothermal power plants around the world. We’re passionate about advancing geothermal technology, providing choice, flexibility and optimum, customized solutions. When it comes to earth’s energy, Ormat excels in harnessing it.


With experience gained in more than 30 countries, and from working on dozens of different geothermal development scenarios, Ormat empowers clients with world-class, comprehensive understanding of how to maximize their geothermal resources and facilities.


From field analysis and resource delineation to optimized plant and equipment configurations, Ormat offers the ultimate advantage – peace of mind – by providing options ranging from individual equipment and services up to comprehensive turnkey solutions – uniquely tailored to suit specific sites, geothermal resources and ambient conditions. We are the only company capable of offering this range of services, thanks to our vertically integrated structure and intensive involvement across the geothermal industry’s value chain.


Ormat’s customers also benefit from our modular, flexible approach and experience applying different technologies – all designed for simple transportation, installation, operation and ongoing maintenance.


Ormat’s geothermal solutions are sustainable, virtually emissions-free and ensure that facilities blend into their natural surroundings. Furthermore, our geothermal plants are designed to harness the power and lifespan of their reservoirs – by re-injecting 100% of all geothermal fluids.


With more than 1,000 MWs of geothermal energy developed in the last decade, Ormat is the clear choice, with a proven, reliable track record of delivering on-time, on-budget and with the optimal technical solutions.


Geothermal – Nature’s Renewable Energy

Geothermal power is a clean, virtually emissions-free, renewable energy resource generated from geothermal reservoirs of hot water that are heated by magma, miles beneath the earth’s surface. The steam and brine produced from these underground reservoirs is used to turn turbines to produce electricity.


Ormat has built more than 3,200 MWs of geothermal capacity in more than 190 geothermal power plants worldwide. We are experts in applying more technologies, including conventional steam, binary, combined cycle and integrated two-level unit technologies to harvest this abundant source of energy from the earth.


Customized Solutions

Every geothermal resource is unique in its composition, each with its own enthalpy, temperature, chemical composition and depth. Ormat has the technical know-how to find the right balance for each geothermal resource and the power plant technology that will optimize its full potential. Our goal is to maximize the return on investment from the resource, by applying the best options from a variety of technologies, which include: Binary Geothermal Power Plants, Two-phased Binary Combined Cycle Units and Integrated Combined Cycle Units. Our unique renewable power solutions based on Organic Rankine Cycle system developed by Ormat - the Ormat Energy Convertor (OEC)

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